Quality, Cleanliness and Sanitation is Our #1 Priority
One time use Disposal Liner on all our Pipe Less Pedicures. One time use Buffer and Nails Files. Tool are sanitized by Medical Grade.
Healthy Nail Tips:
1. Sun, chlorine and harsh cleaning products can make your nails brittle. Get into the habit of using a sunblock when you are outside and gloves when you are inside. Always use a good moisturizer on your hands on a regular basis.
2. Foods that are rich in iron, calcium, vitamin B and potassium are as good for your nails as they are for the rest of your body. They include soy products, celery, yogurt, eggs and seafood too.
3. If your nails are weak, splitting, fragile etc, the problem could be traced back to an inadequate water intake. Most people don't drink nearly enough.
4. If your nails are constantly peeling, snapping or generally just not up to parr, look to your diet. It could be that there is an insufficient amount of Vitamin A in the foods you eat.
5. Yeasts proliferates under the nails of people overexposed to moisture (excessive hand washing, food and catering professionals, health care professionals, day care centre staff, etc.).

Quick repair of chipped nail polish:
1. Moisten the pad of your index finger with nail polish remover.
2. Soften the edge of the chip by swiping your finger across it.
3. Put a dab of nail polish on top of the chip. Let it set for a few seconds.
4. Immediately brush a coat of nail polish over the enire nail. Then, apply quick-drying topcoat.

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